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Remember, there’s much more out in the wilds than is listed here. Even just setting the goal of exploring an area can turn up new and unanticipated adventure. The adventure is in your hands!


People talk. Sometimes what they say is true… sometimes it’s not.

Rumor Description
Clouds around the mountain West of Bridgewater, the mountain’s peak is always ringed by dark clouds even on clear days.
Strange lights Fishermen traveling north of Bridgewater report strange lights in the water appearing after dark.

Available Jobs

More solid than a rumor, but not as interesting, either.

Job Description Location Contact Reward
The Breconshire is overdue The Breconshire, a small Ketch, is missing. South of Bridgewater Port officer Erick George Reward to be discussed
Lumber camp guards A lumber camp on the shore is being harassed by animals. The shore near Bridgewater Foreman Lance Weaver 25gp per animal pelt

Hanging Threads

Sometimes a task is left unfinished, or new information is uncovered.


A brief description of successfully resolved quests.

Notice Board

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