Map of the West Marches


The West Marches, for convenience’s sake, is broken out into hexes of six miles face-to-face, or about seven miles vertex-to-vertex. This makes each hex about 25 square miles, give or take.

It takes one quarter day to pass through one hex, or one full day to explore it to the point than an accurate assessment of the area can be made. Generally a full exploration of a hex is more than enough to detect signs of a major threat, if not encounter it directly.

Each hex is numbered on the West Marches map with a four digit number. The first pair of digits represents the column of hexes it lies in, and the second pair of digits represents the row of hexes it lies in. This makes it easy to refer to or pinpoint a specific location or series of locations.

Details on specific hexes:

Hex Number Description
1604 Fishing Area
1505 Bridgewater
1407 Logging Camp

Map of the West Marches

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